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PixeLINK products

Neovision has become an authorized distributor of PixeLINK products for industrial vision systems.

PixeLINK was founded in 1992 and has a long history in high-technology electronics and software design. PixeLINK products provide cost-effective and high-quality digital imaging and machine vision applications. The company designs and manufactures a range of digital cameras for machine vision and miscoscopy applications together with the supporting software and conevertors of NTSC & PAL signals into digital video streams.

Neovisions' experiences confirm that PixeLINK products provide excellent performance in the most demanding applications.

PL-A782 unit PL-A741 unit
6.6 Megapixel internal camera unit - A782 A741 - most popular vision model

The PL-A741 is PixeLINK most popular machine vision camera. It is a monochrome 1.3 megapixel (1280×1024) digital FireWire camera with global shutter, external trigger and a rich set of on-board features that provides high-quality ditigal video streams to the computer.

The PL-A782 is a color 6.6 megapixel (3000×2208) camera with rolling shutter suitable for industrial inspection applications. The camera has a rich feaure set, external trigger and can be fully controlled by software.

For more information about PixeLINK products, see PixeLINK products page. Please contact us - we can help you with the selection of suitable camera and optical path.