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OBR Pharma

Read Braille on pharmaceutical boxes

To follow a demand from pharmaceutical industry, Neovision developed new software that can localize and recognize Braille text embossed on the medicine boxes and translate it into standard text using a flatbed scanner.

Medical box sample
The example of medical box with embossed Braille

European Union directive 2004/27/EC specifies that every medicine box must include the name of the medicament and the potion not only in standard text, but also in Braille. OBR Pharma is a software running under OS Windows, that uses a standard flatbed TWAIN A4 or A3 scanner, locates and recognizes a Braille text embossed on the medicine box and can be used in pre-production process or in quality control of Braille text correctness on complete medicine boxes.

Besides the Braille recognition from the back side of the medicine box, software allows to scan and recognize Braille text from the front side of the box, from BMP or PNG images of medicine boxes and is able to recognize Braille dots from the PDF file, that can be used as a pre-print for Braille before the production process. OBR Pharma enables to control the correctness of the pre-print for a production process as well as correctness control of the final product.

OBR Pharma screenshot
The screenshot of OBR Pharma with recognized Braille

Together with localization and recognition of a Braille, OBR Pharma is able to provide an automatic control of correctness of a Braille text and after evaluation generates a report with a data summary. Software is modular and enables user to choose between different types of input data, as well as to use different methods of Braille recognition. Other modules can be developed on request.

Software follows European Union Directives 2004/27/EC and IADD BANA Braille Standards.

For more information, you can check the OBR Pharma sheet or you can watch the OBR Pharma video tutorial.

PDF file OBR Pharma information sheet
(296 kB PDF file)

AVI file OBR Pharma video tutorial (1280x1024 video)
(21700 kB kB AVI file)

Demo version

You can download and test our free demonstration version of OBR Pharma. This version contains all the functionality of the full version, with the exception that the recognized Braille is shown only on the image of scanned box and replaced with "DEMO" pattern for further processing. We provide also a few scanned samples for testing without scanner.

MSI file OBR Pharma Demo 1.0 installation
(2800 kB kB MSI file)

ZIP file Demonstration sample images
(21500 kB kB ZIP file)

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