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Optical Braille Recognition

Read Braille with a standard scanner

OBR - Optical Braille Recognition - is a Windows software that allows you to "read" single and double sided Braille documents with a standard scanner. The retrieved information is presented as the text that can be used in all types of Windows applications.

The Braille information in a small letter or a complete Braille Book can be retrieved into computer form in the same easy way, even if you do not read Braille at all.

The recognition from a good quality Braille document is excellent. But even scanning an old worn-out Braille document, the fault frequency is surprisingly low. By using standard Windows functions your Braille handling system will be complete and effective.

Everyone who works with Blind people and does not read Braille will benefit from using the OBR. For example: teachers who do not read Braille, public organisations communicating with Blind individuals and Computerised Braille Libraries.

Working with OBR

The scanning process is quick and simple. With just a few commands and in a less than thirty seconds, you can receive the text representation of the Braille page, both sides in one scan!

OBR screenshots

Click to see how the OBR looks when run.

Technical data

Get the information about the system requirements, recognition parameters, and see the list of supported scanners and embossers.

Upgrading to newer versions

We recently released a new OBR version 3.7, with a new range of supported scanners. The registered users of previous OBR versions can get the upgrade for free.

Large scanners support

You can purchase an additional A3 extension pack to support scanning and processing large Braille prints on A3 scanners in single pass.

How to buy OBR

Click here to see the list of contacts to the international OBR distributors.

Online registration

Regardless of the OBR version you currently have, we recommend you to register it. As a registered user, you will receive early notifications about new releases, get free software updates and benefit from our technical support.

For more information, check OBR sheet.