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Data Translation products

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Neovision is the authorized distributor of imaging and data acquisition products from Data Translation Inc. in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Data Translation is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of high-performance hardware and software for PC-based data acquisition, imaging, machine vision, and multimedia. The products meet the highest quality needs at very good price levels.

DT3155 card DT9802 card
High-accuracy monochrome
PCI bus frame grabber
Plug-and-play USB module
for data acquisition

Neovision successfully uses Data Translations data acquisition (DT2820) and imaging (DT3155 and DT3157) cards in industrial applications - see our solutions. We also developped and now provide for free our own WDM drivers for DT3155 cards.

For more information about DT products, see Data Translation products page. Contact Neovision for pricing and delivery within the Czech Republic and Slovakia.